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The Blue Innowater Co Ltd (蔚藍環保有限公司) is a company for the promotion of CSN cycle-based novel wastewater treatment technology: SANI process. Our company consists of core research members and engineers from the SANI demonstration project and is capable for the design, built and operation of sewage treatment plants using SANI technology. The research and development of the SANI technology is proven and our team is ready for the SANI scale up project.


The major business direction is to apply and commercialize this technology in larger scale sewage treatment facilities in coastal regions, mainly in Hong Kong and urban cities in Mainland China. We use SANI technology serve as a platform for the provision of total solution to the target customers such as government, municipal authority, developers, Water Company and Contractors.


We have top class scientist responsible for research and development, professional engineers responsible to implement the laboratory study to full scale installation. We capable to design, built and operation of sewage treatment plants using SANI technology.


Our team has strong R&D background, this novel process is developed within ten years which is a great success compared with other treatment process. Our core members have more than 20 years in the management position to operate a small to medium size company in water industry. We can invite professionals and experts from other universities and industry to provide opinion for the new developed technology.



We try to implement our principle “To be a leading water company with significant international impact and strong commitment to improve the environment and quality of life in a sustainable way” via the implementation of the results of scientific research.


To be a world-class water company at the cutting edge internationally in all targeted fields of pursuit. To play a key role in the development and application of SANI technology to solve most of the problems of wastewater and sludge by continuous and sustainable development in SANI technology.

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